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You will be amazed at the diversity of architecture and cultures, landscapes and climates, deserts and mountains, adventures tours and beach activities, cold wadi pools and extremely cool aqua parks  to be found in UAE. Cities are ranging from traditional Arab houses to magnificent modern towers of steel and glass.  Below are the popular tours, select your best tour while staying in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where all the Tours and Excursions are unique and thrilling.








Dubai City Tour

For last decades Dubai has turned into magnificent and modern mega city, but it still keeps ancient traditions, therefore Dubai city tour causes admiration. Even if it is not your first visit to Dubai, we recommend you not to miss it out. A route of the tour brings you to the oldest mosque with two minarets, passing by through a trading part of the city in Jumeirah area, where Ruler’ palaces, private luxurious and old villas, smart skyscrapers

are located. Then you visit the camel and horse race tracks and further having returned in an old part of city, having passed along a picturesque the Creek bay, get in Al Fahidi Fort -museum, which will not make you indifferent. At the end of the tour you can cross the Creek by wooden abra - water taxi.

Tour duration - 4 hours (afternoon)

Abu-Dhabi City Tour

The road from Dubai to Abu –Dhabi runs by the Free Economic Zone- Jebel Ali, the-largest port of the world. The capital of United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi, has been based in 1761. You will visit many attracting and historical places: Heritage village, exhibition of oil, the old city market and wooden dhow shipyard, to admire a palace of sheikh Zayed, to make magnificent photos on fountain quay. Unforgettable dinner at Arabian restaurant, smoking of a hubble-bubble and many other things will make your day.

Tour duration -8 hours (afternoon)

East Coast Tour

One-day round tour to east coast assumes a trip on mountain roads, a stop in the "Friday" market where you will have a chance to buy fine factory and hand–made carpets and souvenir products. On the way to the coast you will stop on a plateau in Al Hajar Mountains and at the most ancient mosque of the United Arab Emirates. After a lunch in the most popular hotel of Korfakan city – Оceanic, you can enjoy the hotel swimming pool and its private beach.

At extra cost: rent a boat to coral island, any equipment for water sports and diving (with 2 hrs lesson).

Tour duration -11 hours (morning)

Oasis Al Ain and Sultanate of Oman Tour

Wish to visit on the native land of sheikh Zayed, the first president of the country? We invite you to Al Ain - city-oasis on border with Oman, where we will visit the modest house in which he lived. You also will visit Bureimi- that part of an oasis which belongs to a neighboring country, Oman Sultanate. Pleasant walk in shadows of a palm grove, the market of souvenirs, palace of sultan Kabusa, the Ruler of Oman, the exotic market of camels –you will enjoy. Lunch will be served in 5* hotel Hilton.

Tour duration- 9 hours (morning)


Hatta – ancient city

Hatta is an oasis in Al Hajar Mountains and the same small town which has settled down in 300 meters above the sea level near the border with Oman. A local mountain landscape impresses with the wild beauty and tremendous history. For creation of the ethnographic center in Hatta it has been spent nearby 2, 7 million dollars. Watchtowers and forts, the house of the governor and the oldest in Emirate Dubai mosque Juma are a new restored. Nine houses are allocated for expositions of the weapon, products of national creativity, and also for traditional Arabian restaurant.

Tour duration- 5 hours (morning)


  1. Cruise along the Dubai Creek –natural bay, on traditional Arabian wooden Dhow, which design did not vary since times of Sinbad-sailor. Try national Arabian cuisine, admire illuminated evening city. It is a very relaxing & romantic evening entertainment. Duration - 2-4 hours


  2. Cruises on modern yachts: from the special multi deck ships, up to small private yachts with all convenience. Food, drinks and entertaining program will depend on your choice.


Night crab hunting

The unique opportunity to test yourself as a crab hunter is given to you. Admire beauty of the night sea at light of lanterns and to try crab meat. It will take place in specialized club in Umm Al Quwain emirate. (50min. drive)

Duration – 6 hours (evening)

Deep sea fishing

The equipped fishing yacht and skilled command will help you to enjoy thrilling fishing and return with good catch. Sharks, barracudas and the sea perch. All fishes can be taken away with you (if there is a place to cook). Light snacks will be offered aboard.

Duration - 4 hours (early in the morning or afternoon)  

Shooting Club

Elite club of the Sheikh. Bench shooting. The opportunity to take pleasure by shooting from any kind of the weapon is given. For an additional payment you can try yourself to battle in the Paintball.

Radonic curative springs

It is recommended for preventive maintenance of osteochondroses and neurosis’s, for deducing slag and downturn of a level of cholesterol in blood. The general improving effect, skin clearing

Free like a bird!

During flight (one or with friends) you both take pleasure in feeling of independent management of airplane, and can make photos of pink flamingos, blue lagoons and gold sand. Unforgettable beauty of islands Umm Al Quwain from height of the bird's eye. (with an instructor)

Parachute jumps (with an instructor)

To prove to yourself and associates, that you are capable of it, to test sensation of a victory over own fear. A jump from height of 4 thousand meters a tandem on a special parachute! In addition for $70 it is possible to book video-and photo-shooting.

...I beleive I can fly..


Carting race

Professional tracks, super equipment, powerful machines, computer time registration.


Aqua parks
Trips to Aqua Park – choice of two: Dreamland - in Umm Al Quwain (50 min. to drive) and the advanced Wild Wadi in Dubai – on the territory of Jumeirah complex. Slides and water entertainments suit all tastes, for children and adults


 Desert Safari

After thrilling 4x4 races on sandy dunes observe game of light and a shadow of magnificent sun set. The spirit of adventures reigns in air. You will feel it in stylized Bedouin camp under the stars in desert: shish kebabs, Hubble-bubble, the Arabian belly-dancer, national clothes, buggy cars, sand skis, henna body drawings - all at your service. Enjoy your favorite cocktails and drink in the Camp bar – at extra cost. Have a rest and enjoy.

Safari duration - 6-7 hours (afternoon)

All tours and excursions can be arranged both individually and in groups.              
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