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Until recent days no foreigners could own any proppalm jumeirah at sunseterty in UAE, it was just a dream. Now, because of the wise policy of the United Arab Emirates, and especially the emirate of Dubai, this dream became true. Entirely young, but amazingly beautiful and convenient for the life, multinational and absolutely safe - all this is Dubai, the modern city of the World. The originally planned as ideal megapolis of future, today it is the largest world tourist destination,  resort and  business center simultaneously, combining in itself eastern wealth and west openness.

Here now is constructed future - it is achieved many grand projects, which already began to determine the new wave of interest in this emirate. With the enormous spread are raised the most modern blocks, new areas for the constructions are mastered and it is possible to observe, with what incredible rapidity acquire their final appearance all three palm-tree Islands and largest project ”The World”. The World -one of the private Islands
In spite of construction boom, demand for Dubai real estate absolutely exceeds proposal. Motives? The only in the range and style, originality and explicit wealth. Plus is Dubai resident visa. There are many people all over the world who are ready to pay for such things.

75% of buyers are the citizens of UAE, 5% -from the Gulf countries and 15% - foreigners. Approximately 2% of latter are citizens of Russia.







Marina Jumeirah Area 2006 Palm Jumeirah 2006
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Unquestionable pluses to purchase a property in Dubai:

  - Excellent climate practically around a year.

  - Unsurpassed standard of living with the ultramodern infrastructure.

  - The swiftly growing economy.

  - Required no  explanations about the origin of capital.

  - The absence of taxes.

  - Crime free, safety and reliability.

  - Possibility of leasing of purchased real estate on the very high prices.

  - Obtaining the mortgage from 60 to 70 % from the total cost for the period to 15 years.

It is important to know:

 • When you purchase a property from the second market, check the initial cost of object. That price was given to the first owner by the developer. Knowing this, you will be able to figure out the amount of "premium" (price increase), added to the initial cost by the seller.

 • Transfer fees - these are those money, which you had to pay with the transfer of property ownership from one owner to another. It can vary in limits of 1-7 %.

 • As a rule new buyer pays from 2 to 4% of commission to a real-estate company, which conducts your transaction through all the formalities.

 • As a rule, the payment of sum for a property  is achieved step by step, with the initial one-time advance from 10 to 30 %.If you buy a property under construction yet – study the payment schedule.

 • Buying a property, be careful and check whether  the previous owner  paid off all provided payments and does he has the rights to resale the object.

 • All the property ownership transfer formalities  better to carry out through the licensed real estate  companies, which in a short time will legally competently draw up all necessary documents and decrease your financial  risk  to the minimum.


Our company is always happy to provide you with any consultation services, as well as to invite you into Dubai for the inspection of selected property or for its selection. The property purchase deal and the ownership transfer formalities will take upon some of the best real estate companies, which are our reliable partners too.  


Your place under the sun is thus far still free!

The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm

The World

The World

Burj Dubai -the tallest building in the world

The Burj Dubai

Dubai Waterfront


The Lost City

The Lost City

The Palm Jumeirah villas

The Palm villas

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